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defspiral is a rock band consisting of four members, TAKA(Vo.), MASATO(Gt.), RYO(Ba.), and MASAKI(Dr.).

The members previously belonged to TRANSTIC NERVE, which was founded by hide(X JAPAN/hide with Spread Beaver)and made a major debut, and the Underneath, which established their status in the U.S., through participating in such events as the "ROCKSTAR taste of CHAOS 2008" North American tour, and by headlining a large-scale convention, "OTAKON2008," held in Baltimore.

The four members restarted as a new band, "defspiral," in May of 2010 by releasing "DIVE INTO THE MIRROR" from avex, which was the theme song of an American remake of special effects TV show "MASKED RIDER RYUKI," called "KAMEN RIDER DRAGON KNIGHT," after the activities above.

In 2011, the members participated in a rock musical, "Pink Spider," consisting of hide's songs, with an acting role for TAKA(Vo.) and musical performances from MASATO(Gt.), RYO(Ba.), and MASAKI(Dr.) for all the performances.
After that, they released a hide tribute mini album "Reply-tribute to hide-", which was regarded with high esteem not only by hide's fans but also by various music lovers.

For the world's first live holographic performance, "hide crystal project presents RADIOSITY," which was screened for a few months after September 2015, MASATO, RYO, and MASAKI were responsible for all the music performances, designated by INA who was a co-producer of hide. They finally played on the stage with hide together.
Furthermore, MASATO(Gt.) participated in the recording of hide's latest single "Kogyaru."

The members excited the fans at their show commemorating the 15th anniversary since their major debut, which was held at a packed venue, Akasaka BLITZ, as TRANSTIC NERVE in December 2014.

defspiral was invited to the "ULTIMATE7 presents J-DAY-DNA of ROCK Vol.1 heidi. vs defspiral" held in Bangkok, Thailand, and it was their first overseas performance as defspiral. It was a frenzy for which more than 40 Thai media companies gathered. They reported the news about the band's performance, gathered for a press conference, and the band achieved success.
The band became popular due to their outstanding live performance, as a result, they were invited to the Japan general trade fair "JAPAN EXPO THAILAND 2016 / Tokyo Crazy Kawaii" held in Bangkok in January 2016, and showed their abilities to the audience, approximately 5 thousand music fans.

In addition, defspiral performed at "VISUAL JAPAN SUMMIT 2016 Powered by Rakuten" held with YOSHIKI of X JAPAN as a founder, and their performance in front of 30 thousand music fans gathered at Makuhari Messe in Japan was well-received, even momentarily trending on Twitter.

A music video for their first single in 2017, "AFTERGLOW," was played more than 1.2 million times on the music webpage "YinYueTai," having an overwhelming impact on the music scene in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and won first prize in a monthly ranking in March 2017. After that, another music video for the latest single, "PHANTOM," got more than 2.87 million views on the same webpage, and they won first prize for the second time in a row.

defspiral is a talented band that has released 14 singles and 3 albums so far with a wide variety of songs.